About Us

The last content update on UrbanDB was 2015-06-26. Information is only accurate up to that date. The website remains online as a historical archive of development activity.

UrbanDB is an online, open-content, collaborative endeavour. It is a combined effort of volunteers and groups working together to develop a resource for high-rise construction and other urban development activities. The structure of the project allows anyone with an internet connection to alter it's content after an efficient review process overseen by experienced editors.

Our editorial team consists of engineers, developers, real estate agents, architects, planners, photographers, students, marketing professionals, landlords, and people with a common interest in architecture and the construction industry. UrbanDB began by tracking development within the Greater Toronto Area, with the help of volunteers it can expand it's coverage world wide.

Some of the data sources UrbanDB references can be found at the bottom of the building pages. Data is collected from Municipal Government documents, OMB documents, newspaper or magazine articles, and sales websites. Additional information may come from construction site observations by volunteers as well as some fact based extrapolation.

Please keep in mind that even if a specific source is listed for a piece of information, it may be incorrect or out of date as projects proposed or under construction may change over time. As work progresses on a development our information may alter or be removed without notice. With prudent use UrbanDB is an excellent resource. You can help make it better by correcting errors or filling in missing details that you find.

Major Contributors

Some of the fine people who have made significant contributions toward making UrbanDB what it is today: